Research Project

Cluster 2 - Food Innovation and Nutrition

Development of Freeze-dried and Co-Crystallized Natural Red Carotenoids Pigments from Pandanus conoideus Lamk. for Food Applications

This Project is Supported by

Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology​


PI: Iwan Surjawan Ph.D.
Team Member:
Katherine Ph.D. , M.
Abdurrahman Mas M.Sc.,
Desak Putu Ariska Pradnya Dewi M.Sc.

External Collaborators: N/A
Students Involvement:
Samantha Tanardi 
(Food Technology Student)
(Food Technology Student)
Irvandhi Stanly Winata 
(Food Technology Student)
Leanne Marga Mulia 
(Food Technology Student)
Maria Hajeng Paramita 
(Food Technology Student)
Cindy Metta Clarissa 
(Food Technology Student)

Project Description

This project aims to find a process to preserve and ease the food application of natural pigments from Buah Merah (Pandanus conoideus Lamk.), a plant native to the Papua Islands. Traditionally, the Buah Merah is boiled and pressed to extract the oils, which then be used as traditional medicine to treat many illnesses, and be used as a food seasoning or colorant. The carotenoids in the oil are very susceptible to oxidation due to environmental conditions. The research covered the preservation methods of the carotenoids in the oil using freeze drying and co-crystallization and the investigation of the preserved carotenoids in the oil application in beverages and confectionery as a colorant. 

This Project is Supported by

Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology​

Research Description

Red fruit oil is a food ingredient that has potential as a natural food coloring because it contains high carotenoid content. Oil encapsulation can be done to increase its application in food products. This study compares the encapsulation method with freeze-drying and spray-drying on red fruit oil. Maltodextrin and whey protein isolate (WPI) were used as coating agents in five different ratios. Carotenoid content, moisture content, hygroscopicity, ease of powder to flow, solubility, stability, morphology, crystallinity, and thermal profile of the sample powders were analyzed. Freeze-dried powder and formulations with high levels of whey protein isolate were able to better maintain the carotenoid content of red fruit oil. While the powder from spray drying showed a lower water content. All samples exhibited low hygroscopicity, but were not very easy to flow. The powder from spray drying was round and wrinkled, while the powder from freeze drying showed an irregular and coarse shape. The physical characteristics and carotenoid content of all samples were relatively stable during a storage period of 4 weeks.

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