Community Service Project

Cluster 2 - Food Innovation and Nutrition

Strengthening Infant and Young Child Growth Monitoring and Promotion in Posyandu using New Growth Monitoring Chart

PI: Siti Muslimatun, S. TP., Ph.D.
Team Member:
Widya Indriani, S. TP., M.Sc.,
Junaida Astina, S. Gz., Ph.D.

External Collaborators: N/A
Students Involvement: N/A

Project Description:

Indonesia is facing double burden malnutrition where both under- and overnutrition exists. In 2021, about 24.4 percent of Indonesian children aged 0-59 months stunted and 3.8 percent was overweight. Efforts to suppress the prevalence of malnutrition are needed as the stage between conception and 2 years of age is the most crucial period of future growth and development. Approaches to detect the nutrition-related problems, such as failure to thrive, stunting, or obesity in Indonesia can be reflected through the monthly growth monitoring program in posyandu. Posyandu cadres are responsible for measuring weight and height of the children, and to educate mothers or caregivers about the interpretation of growth monitoring charts. With the new release of growth chart monitoring by the Ministry of Health of Indonesia in 2020, educational programs are expected to be necessary to increase the knowledge and capability of the cadres in conducting the growth monitoring program. Hence, early detection of malnutrition can be provided to improve nutritional status of the young children. This program covers a comprehensive education to the community regarding the new growth monitoring chart. The target participants are cadres and mothers, or caregivers who live in the surrounding area of Posyandu Mekar at Jl. Pulomas Barat VI, East Jakarta. Pre-test and post-test will also be given prior to and after the seminar is given in order to assess the effectiveness of this program. It is expected that this program could increase the knowledge of the participants on the importance and implementation of the growth monitoring program.

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