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Cluster 1 - Health and Well Being

Principles and Advances of CRISPR-based Genome Editing in Therapeutic Applications

PI: Rio Hermantara, Ph. D.
Team Member: N/A

External Collaborators: Biosm Indonesia and Konsorsium Bioteknologi Indonesia



Students Involvement: N/A

Project Description:

The field of genome editing has seen major advances in the past decade since the discovery and development of programmable nucleases. Among these rationally programmable nucleases, the CRISPR system has become the preferred choice for genome editing in novel therapeutic discovery and development. Guided by a single RNA, CRISPR-Cas9 offers a simple yet efficient technology for DNA cleavage at a targeted location. However, further characterization on the mechanism of Cas9 cleavage and DNA repair along with advances in the field of genomics and sequencing technology, has revealed that generating intended gene editing outcomes is still insufficient. Here in this talk, I would like to discuss with you the major challenges of CRISPR-based genome editing in therapeutic applications as well as advances that are being made to overcome these challenges. Additionally, I would also like to share some research ideas in the field of CRISPR-based genome editing that could be initiated in Indonesia or other developing countries.

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