Community Service Project

Cluster 1 - Health and Well Being

More Than Annoying: Mosquitoes and The Diseases They Carry

PI: Elizabeth Sidhartha, M. Sc.
Team Member: N/A

External Collaborators: OCBC Bank

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Students Involvement: N/A

Project Description:

“Exploration” ( is a platform for high school students to experience university-level classes while gaining self-enrichment knowledge at the same time. The class entitled “More than annoying: Mosquitoes and the diseases they carry” was held as an educational sharing session to inform the participants about mosquitoes as a major disease vector as well as some of the major mosquito-borne diseases. The first half of the session covers the general biology of mosquitoes, including the different species and their particular characteristics, feeding habits, and reproductive requirements. The entomological knowledge is hoped to enable the participants to prevent mosquito breeding in their homes and communities. The second half of the session covers the introduction of dengue, malaria and filariasis as major examples of mosquito-borne diseases. Insights into these diseases would aid in emphasizing the need to control mosquito populations in their own communities.

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