Community Service Project

Cluster 1 - Health and Well Being

Detection and Treatment of Fungal Skin Infections in “Rumah Singgah” Communities in Jakarta

PI: Lidya Kristiani, Ph.D.
Team Member:
apt. Alya Ghina Aqila Arham, M. Sc.,
Bobby Prabowo Sulistyo, M. Sc., 
Rio Hermantara, Ph.D., Elizabeth Sidhartha, M. Sc.

External Collaborators: Rumah Singgah


Students Involvement: LSWA (Life Sciences Writing Association), Biomedicine internship student

Project Description:

Superficial fungal skin infection is frequently found worldwide, especially in tropical countries like Indonesia. Communities with low awareness of the importance of hygiene increase are especially vulnerable. One of such communities is the street children that are being taken care of by multiples “Rumah Singgah” in DKI Jakarta. On the other hand, superficial fungal skin infection is easily prevented by implementing good sanitation habits. This disease also can be easily treated when it is detected in early stages. Here we proposed to partially solve this problem by providing the mentioned communities with the education regarding the matter as well as free detection of fungal skin infection and the treatment for it. The detection can be rapidly done using KOH test and the treatment cream also can be made by our own pharmacy department. Efficiency of the proposed activity will be measured by a questionnaire collected before and after all activities. Additionally, the data distribution regarding fungal skin infection in “Rumah Singgah” will also be collected and analyzed.

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